Les Plans

Curriculum Lessons

Module A. Introduction

1. Principles of Environmental Stewardship

2. Whole Farm Nutrient Planning

*Sample PowerPoint presentation for Lesson 2

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Module B. Animal Dietary Strategies

10. Reducing the Nutrient Excretion and Odor of Pigs Through Nutritional Means

11. Using Dietary and Management Strategies to Reduce the Nutrient Excretion of Poultry

12. Feeding Dairy Cows to Reduce Nutrient Excretion

13. Using Dietary Strategies to Reduce the Nutrient Excretion of Feedlot Cattle

Module C. Manure Storage and Treatment

20. Planning and Evaluation of Manure Storage

21. Sizing Manure Storage, Typical Nutrient Characteristics

22. Open Lot Runoff Management Options

23. Manure Storage Construction and Safety, New Facility Considerations

24. Operation and Maintenance of Manure Storage Facilities

25. Manure Treatment Options

Module D. Land Application and Nutrient Management

30. Soil Utilization of Manure

31. Manure Utilization Plans

32. Land Application Best Management Practices

33. Selecting Land Application Sites

34.Agricultural Phosphorus Management: Protecting Production and Water Quality

35. Land Application Records and Sampling

36. Land Application Equipment

Module E. Outdoor Air Quality

40. Emission from Animal Production Systems

41. Emission Control Strategies for Building Sources

42. Controlling Dust and Odor from Open Lot Livestock Facilities

43. Emission Control Strategies for Manure Storage Facilities

44. Emission Control Strategies for Land Application

Module F. Related Issues

50. Emergency Action Plans

51. Mortality Management